B2B Outreach Series

Business Case: If you do a lot of private tours through business relationships, tourism boards, travel agents, convention lists, hotels, etc...this workflow is for you.

You’ll create 2 campaign series...the first is a sales series designed to get the word out about your private tours and how you can help them!

Once that person opens an email - get notified! Call them! That’s a warm lead!

At the same time, if they click a button at any time in this email series, indicating they want more information...you can move them from the “build awareness” campaign to a more information-based sales campaign. And you want to get notified here too, right? Yes!

Finally, make sure you are tagging those conversions so you can keep track of your success rates!

Make It Your Own

  • Create a tag for your B2B efforts, when someone indicates they are interested, and when you win a deal
  • Update the tag trigger and actions
  • Create your initial sales campaign emails
  • Update your 2 notification emails
  • Create your second sales campaign series

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