BA05: Basic Accelerator: Browse Abandonment

NOTE: This workflow is one of the most powerful workflows you can implement, and we hope you will implement it as soon as possible. It should be said though, that it is an advanced effort. It requires the set up of a custom field in Drip (not to be confused with custom fields in FareHarbor) and Rules - a new concept not covered above.

In this lesson, we walk you though the entire process - no worries! But we want to encourage you to become familiar with the basic TourAdvantage set up, workflows and campaigns before jumping into Browse Abandonment.

Business Case: Imagine a subscriber comes to your site and pokes around, looking at tours. It could be a prospect or someone who’s purchased from you before.

They sit on your bike tour page for 30 know they are interested, right? But then...they leave without buying anything. What???

Do not let them get away! 

This workflow addresses the issue by sending that person an email about the tour they were looking at. 

If you want to also include Facebook marketing via Custom audiences in addition to your email efforts, then select the next workflow instead.

Make It Your Own

  • Create a Last Tour Viewed custom field on the person record
  • Create a tag for the remarketing effort
  • Create a rule for each page you want to track
  • Modify the workflow by re-setting the last tour viewed field
  • Adjust the delay
  • Adjust the historical lookup of previous purchase
  • Re-select the tag in all actions for the remarketing effort
  • Update the campaign for your business
  • Adjust the delay for tag refreshes
  • Adjust the purchase goal if necessary